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Urethane Molded Rollers and Parts

When our urethane expertise, equipment, and machine shop are combined, we have the most complete precision urethane molding company in the world.

Rol-Tec will work with you to design and manufacture your custom urethane parts and rollers correctly, on time, and on budget. We will formulate the best urethane compounds to fit the physical demands your parts require. We have many urethane formulations and will customize these components so your part will endure the physical requirements of your application to maximize the urethane product life. Custom formulations enhance urethane characteristics such as lubricity or "high release," wear resistance, hardness, and tear strength for complex and demanding applications.

We will also assist in mold design as well as manufacture the molds to limit upfront costs, while not sacrificing production efficiencies or finished product quality. In addition, we have the unique capability to machine or grind urethane parts where very tight tolerance or precision specifications are required.

Short run or thousands of parts, machined precision or "as cast", Rol-Tec will formulate and deliver the best performing parts at the most competitive price possible. Contact us and we will make it easy and less expensive to have Rol-Tec manufacture your molded polyurethane components.

Urethane products possess many beneficial characteristics when compared to metal, plastic, or molded rubber including:

  • Durometer 10 A to 85 D
  • Chemical and mechanical bonding
  • Elastomeric memory
  • Superior abrasion and tear resistance
  • Product longevity
  • Noise and weight reduction
  • Solvent resistance
  • Inexpensive repeatability when compared to individually machined parts

We will provide proven FDA-approved urethane and rubber compounds in a wide range of durometer, if needed.

Ask us for a replacement or comparable if you are using: Valthane, Arcothane or Adiprene.