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Teflon & FEP Teflon Shrink Sleeves

We provide Teflon sleeves and apply them in our facility! At Rol-Tec, we are able to complete the job, 100% in house, better than anyone on Earth.

Many industrial applications call for Teflon or FEP Teflon shrink sleeves be applied to the rubber roll either to gain release from the roller or to protect the roller from very high heat. These sleeves can be very expensive, so having the proper tooling and knowing the correct installation techniques are paramount. Teflon, as designed, will not allow most things to stick. It takes an expert to adhere the Teflon sleeve properly to the rubber roller and have it remain there once the sleeve is exposed to industrial environments. It takes years of experience and the proper tooling to bond the FEP Teflon sleeve to the rubber or (much less demanding but still critical) metal roller. Any imperfection between the Teflon and the roller will result in bond failure. Expert craftsmen, proper technique, and the right equipment are a must, and we have it.

Even more technically challenging, some customers require a finish grind to the OD of the Teflon to gain a needed finish or TIR. Again, at Rol-Tec, we are able to complete your project in house even when grinding the OD of a Teflon sleeve.

Pictures in this area are limited due to the confidentiality of our proprietary manufacturing process.