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Nondestructive Testing

Why in the world spend money to cover a damaged core? We will not only inspect your roller with the traditional means of visual inspection and comparative measurement, we also have the capability to use Nondestructive Testing (NDT) to inspect your roller. We use dye penetrant analysis and black light technology to find microscopic cracks not apparent to the naked eye.

Cracks in headers, journals, welds, and cores cannot always be seen without visual aids. To ensure that we are not recovering a damaged core, you can request Rol-Tec to take the extra step with Nondestructive Testing of the critical external areas of the core. We have the capability to use dye penetrant to more intensively analyze the core to detect hairline cracks and microscopic flaws.

When you request this service, we will provide a written single page report of the NDT analysis. Based on the results of this test, we will recommend repair or replacement of the roller core. Flaws that are beneath the surface can still make it through our process but NDT analysis can detect many surface flaws that potentially cam lead to failure once the roller is back in service.

Nondestructive Testing is not only one more step in our process, but one giant leap in keeping Rol-Tec ahead of our competitors.