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One part, many steps, one supplier; it makes a world of difference.

Rol-Tec has a complete metals machine shop to support our covering and molding departments. This in-house machining department allows us to do many things but really is designed to do only one — hit your due dates. Many years ago when we sent journal repairs to other machine shops, too much time was taken to complete the job. In the end, we would miss our promised due date and the customer would be without their part longer than expected.

In 1994, we began to repair customer journals and bores in house. From there, we grew to expand our repair capabilities. We now have a multitude of ways to repair the journal or bore whether it is welding, sleeve, or flame spray, among others. We will select the most rigid way to repair the part, not simply the easiest.

Far from just journal repairs, our machine capability allows us to deliver your complete project from blueprint to covering. Under one roof, we will machine your metal parts to your exact print specification. After machining we will balance, finish cover (cast urethane, rubber cover, or tungsten carbide etc.) all in house - one stop, one purchase order.

The machine shop will handle quantities from a single repair job to hundreds of small parts requiring the latest CNC machine technology.

We employ CNC turning centers, CNC vertical milling centers, CNC/manual hybrid lathes, CNC/manual mills, dynamic roll balancers, as well as a variety of other manual machines to complete your order here, in one facility.

Our latest CNC vertical milling center gives us the capability to design and manufacture the majority of our production molds. When we manufacture the molds in house, we can limit the upfront cost of the molds and save our customers even more time and money.

Two shifts, experienced craftsmen, and a variety of machines, mean we will deliver quality finished parts, on time, without the hassle of shipping one part all over the planet to several suppliers.