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Laser Measuring System

Rol-Tec has long claimed to have the highest tech covering and grinding facility in North America. Our customers said "Prove It!" And we can! Rol-Tec has the latest technology in laser image profiling — the best in the world.

Rol-Tec has invested in the highest tech laser beam profiler ever developed. This laser micrometer will precisely determine diameter measurement, diameter variance, TIR tolerance, and taper measurement.

Our state-of-the-art software will interpret the volume of information the laser produces to provide an easy-to-read, single page laser analysis of the roller's critical dimensions. Our laser profiler will give the most exact diameter variance, TIR, and taper information across the face of the rubber roller. The laser beam roller analysis will provide proof that your roller is in (or out) of tolerance. We will also laser scan used rollers to help you trouble shoot when difficulties arise.

This is the latest technology at work delivering 2,400 scans per second but more importantly, it delivers information you can really understand and use. The software is the same program that crunches information in the European Hadron Supercollider. It gives our system the power to interpret all 2,400 scans per second into graphs and a readable, single page report with easy to read data that you can use. Older systems typically give a page of numbers for each 1/2 inch of roller face which results in a hard to decipher report many pages in length.

You will be able to pinpoint the exact high and low diameters across the rubber surface, the TIR variance and the diameter taper from one end of the roller to the other. You can use this information to set your dies or to know that the roller is correct before you run a single foot of material.

This Rol-Tec Laser Measuring System has the ability to:

  • Accurately measure diameter to within .000118" (0.0029972mm)
  • Diameter Range 0"-36" (914.4mm)
  • Length Capacity: 275" (6,985mm)
  • Laser profile of TIR and laser high and low diameters
  • Laser surface profile for taper
  • Single page laser analysis report with graphic information that is easy to understand and use.
  • Used in coating, printing and other applications where precise and proven tolerance is needed.