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Maximize Efficiency with Plate Mount Parallel and Tapered Sleeves

The same efficiency and durability is available in our precision ground plate sleeves. Our Plate Mount Sleeves are manufactured from reinforced fiberglass and specially designed resins to give the same structural integrity and close tolerance you expect from all Sleeve Soutions sleeves. The sleeves are ground to ensure a suitable mounting surface for printing plates. We grind in-house to ensure the dimensions meet the exact needs of the flexographic printing process, ensuring more efficiency and uptime.

As always, tapered sleeves are recommended where superior gripping pressure is needed and any sleeve slippage is unacceptable.

A range of wall thicknesses is available to achieve various repeat sizes from one base mandrel. In addition, plate mount scribe lines can be added to assist with the positioning of printing plates.

As an alternative to conventional printing plates, Rol-Tec has the ability to laser engrave rubber covered sleeves. Laser engraving allows for a continuous print pattern and also eliminates the cost of plate mounting. Rol-Tec is the only company in the world that can give you the options you need, from tapered or parallel sleeves, to plate mount or rubber covered/laser engraved sleeves; we’ll help you do it right.

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