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Improve Efficiency with Specialty Conductive Tapered Sleeves

The Sleeve Solutions brand Conductive Tapered Sleeve is manufactured from reinforced fiberglass and specially designed carbon fiber. This sleeve is manufactured with conductive bands bonded at the ends of the reinforced fiberglass sleeve or as a complete carbon fiber sleeve.

Wall thicknesses are .055" to .070" depending on the diameter of the sleeve and air pressure available. The use of carbon fiber enables static electricity to dissipate through the sleeve to reduce static and reduce risk of fire.

Conductive Tapered Sleeves are used primarily in the printing and coating industries where the sleeves are covered with a conductive elastomer. Ask your Rol-Tec representative to recommend the proper conductive/anti-static rubber or urethane cover for your specific application. Rol-Tec will deliver a durable, high tolerance sleeve to increase your press efficiency.

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