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Rubber Roller Coverings

The world of Rol-Tec began with rubber roll covering in 1991. Why is Rol-Tec now considered the highest tech rubber covering and grinding company in North America? The answer is simple; we have the best compounds, equipment, craftsmen, facility, and service all pulling together to produce the best rollers, the best partnership. Welcome to our world.


Specialty Coverings:

  • Antistatic or Static Dissipating Coverings
  • High Temperature Rubber Coverings
  • Abrasion Resistant Coverings
  • Ozone Resistant Coverings
  • UV Coating and UV Resistant Rollers
  • Teflon Shrink Sleeves and FEP Teflon Sleeves
  • Treater Roll Coverings
  • 0-1 P&J or Bone Hard Coverings
  • Thermally Conductive Coverings
  • Dual Durometer Rollers
  • Rubber Covered Composite Sleeves and Nickel Sleeves
  • FDA Rubber Rollers and FDA Approved Coverings

**Rol-Tec will certify that the compounds used to cover the FDA or Food Grade Rollers contain FDA approved compounds with specific FDA approved ingredients at appropriate levels, it is the responsibility of the end-user to obtain the necessary FDA approval. Rol-Tec cannot certify that the entire end roller is FDA approved.

Ask us for a replacement or comparable if you are using: Premium Rock®, Dura-Coat®, Val-Coat®, Val-Rite®, Polar-Rite®, Grip-Rite®, Multichem, Ebomite, Plastaloy, Black Diamond, or Webmate.

Premium Rock®, Dura-Coat®, Val-Coat®, Val-Rite®, Polar-Rite® and Grip-Rite® are registered trademarks of Valley Roller Company, Inc.

Special Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Core fabrication (Machining)
  • Bore and journal repair
  • Surface finishes from industrial grinds to "mirror" finish RA 55 to RA 15
  • Close tolerance grinding to .001"

Rol-Tec Rollers are used in the following applications: