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Laser Engraving

Rol-Tec has launched the newest direct laser technology in the world to cut the highest quality laser engraved sleeves, rollers, and printing plates possible. "In the Round Technology" can now exceed the detail quality of photo polymer for all sleeves used in the flexographic printing process. Rol-Tec's laser engraving produces the sharpest dot and best image possible.

The SPG Stork Prints Laser System reduces upfront artwork and set up costs. So, not only is the quality the best, the total cost of the flexographic engraved artwork is reduced.

We have formulated and tested new laser engravable compounds specifically designed for flexographic printing. When the new laser technology is combined with the latest polymer compounds, the resulting print sleeves and rollers have proven superior to any other press system available.

Our experts have the knowledge and years of experience to advise our customers whether it concerns sleeve technology, laser rubber engraving, flexographic laser elastomers, as well as laser plate making.

The combination of dpi quality, lower setup costs, superior rubber compounds, and years of expertise make Rol-Tec the best choice for your engraving needs.

Any application within the flexible packaging world should consider laser engraved products to improve the quality of print and lifespan of sleeves. Results with water, solvent, and UV ink systems have proven superior with "In the Round Technology".


Model Number: SPG Kronos 7613
Laser Specs: 580 W CO2-Laser Type 580, Class IV
Capabilities: Max Engrave Face up to 3200mm (126")
  Max Fixing Length with Journals up to 3500mm (137.8")
  Resolution up to 2540 dpi