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Grinds, Grooves, & Crowns

Our grooving and grinding equipment sets us a world apart.

The wide array of materials we use to cover rollers compels us to be experts in grinding, grooving and crowning. We have the best equipment in the world and the expertise needed to finish your rollers accurately - to your specifications.

Over the years, we have invested millions of dollars in grinding equipment and training. We have the proper equipment to dry grind, wet grind, grind on bearings, polish automatically or by hand, and to groove and crown virtually any roller within our machine size limitations. We will choose the best method of grinding for your particular roller based on the compound and tolerance — not merely on the equipment we have. Our computerized grinding equipment will give you a true parabolic crown just like an OEM.

Grooves are easy — but they need to be exactly in the right place to do their job. At Rol-Tec, we guarantee it.

We are continually striving to exceed our customers' ever changing needs. Our state of the art grooving equipment allows us to pattern the rubber roller to your exact specifications. Rollers have been fashioned with grooves or crowns for hundreds of years to better accomplish the workload. Rollers have never before been grooved with the accuracy or variety of patterns that we have available at Rol-Tec. With our state of the art CNC grinder/groover, the computer controlled, servo driven machines let us grind and groove standard patterns or virtually any type of groove, groove pattern, or crown that an engineer can imagine. So give us a call and get into the groove…accurately!

Want us to prove the accuracy? See our Laser Measurement System.

Max roll size: 31" (787mm) OD X 280" (7112mm) between centers

  • Chevron Groove Pattern
  • Diamond Groove Pattern/Serrated Groove Pattern
  • Herring Bone Groove Pattern
  • Ruling (Horizontal) Groove Pattern
  • Straight Grooves
  • Spiral Groove Pattern
  • Step & Plunge Groove Pattern
  • Web-spreader Groove Pattern


  • Max roll size: 31" OD X 280" between centers
  • Parabolic Crown
  • Concave Crown
  • Convex Crown
  • Tapered Ends
  • Double Tapered
  • Full Taper/Cone Shape
  • Rough grinds to mirror finish