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Compression / Transfer Molded Parts

We round out our world with compression molding. Our customers know us as the rubber parts expert; compression molding allows us to competitively manufacture precision rubber parts in higher quantities.

Rol-Tec has the equipment and expertise to compression mold rubber, silicone, and urethane components. We will make parts to your print specification in various shapes and sizes. We have the unique versatility to choose the most efficient process, whether it requires extrusion, compression, open cast, or transfer molding techniques.

Our design experience and in-house CNC milling machinery will limit upfront mold and tooling costs. We have the expertise to give you cost-effective solutions to produce precision molded parts in high or low quantities. As cast or precision machined, transfer, or compression-molded, cast urethane or rubber, large or small, we employ the equipment and craftsmen to do the job the right way.

Compression and transfer molded parts include items of all shapes, and intricacies. Components such as: Heat seal bars, O-rings, cappers, and bumpers.

Our competitors are good. We need to be better, and compression molding expertise is something most of them just can't offer.