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Welcome to our world! Rol-Tec began with rubber roll covering in 1991. Over the decades, we methodically expanded to become the most well rounded, highest tech facility of our kind in the entire world. All under one roof, we have the ability to:

Beginning with only recovery of existing small rubber rollers, we added grooving and journal repair early on. Over the years we increased our machine size limitations and our capabilities until we are now able to rubber cover, groove, end cap, and crown rollers to 31" OD x 280" face length. Our complete history is of a company not only on the cutting edge but leading the way. Dry Heat Vulcanization, laser engraving, and the full cast urethane department are just three areas where we are decades ahead of our competition.

We continue to invest in the latest technology to meet our customers' needs all under one roof. Our customers can send us a print, artwork, or an idea knowing that we can complete the project here, with our people, and our equipment while only issuing one purchase order. Many companies will steer the customer only to the limited capabilities they possess, not necessarily the best product or method for the customer. At Rol-Tec, we will design the mold, consult on the compound selection, machine the roller, repair the journal, ceramic spray—we will simply complete the project the best way using the widest array of capabilities on Earth; in one facility.

Why use Rol-Tec? The answer is simple; we have the best compounds, equipment, craftsmen, facility, service, and the widest array of capabilities, all pulling together to produce the best rollers, the best parts, the best partnership.

We challenge you to tour a competitor's facility and see their machines. Then come to Rol-Tec, take a tour, and see the latest technology for yourself. View the new equipment, new ideas, and technology that allow us to provide not only the best rubber rollers, but a myriad of related parts and services that make us the best in the world.

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