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2016 » Rol-Tec purchases , the global leader in precision fiberglass sleeve design and manufacturing technology. Moving the manufacturing operation to Green Bay allows Rol-Tec to be fully integrated, from the manufacture of the parallel or tapered sleeve, to the rubber cover of the sleeve and final laser engraving.

2013 » Rol-Tec deploys laser engraving equipment for the direct engraving of artwork for flexographic printing sleeves and rollers.

2011 » The latest CNC machining equipment improves Rol-Tec's capacity to provide mold making and design as well as effectively priced inserts. Rol-Tec continues to evolve as the most complete rubber covering, urethane molding, and specialty services facility of its kind anywhere in the world.

2009 » Rol-Tec stays generations ahead of the nearest competitor with the Laser Measurement Profiler. Utilizing the same software and backbone as the European Hadron Supercollider, the dual laser system measures OD and TIR of the rubber covering and communicates the information in a single, easy to read report. Used where very close tolerance is needed and accuracy must be proven.

2007 » Rol-Tec expands manufacturing capabilities with new, CNC groover / grinder with a capacity of 280" length, expanded grooving capabilities, and more precise crowning capability. Compression / transfer molding equipment installed to allow precision molding of rubber as well as urethane componentry.

2006 » Addition #2 completed bringing Rol-Tec's total to 50,000 square feet and securing its place as the highest tech rubber covering and grinding company in North America. Addition includes an employee fitness center and racquet ball court, state of the art shipping and receiving area, and additional space for each existing manufacturing department.

2002 » Capabilities expand to include Tungsten Carbide thermal spray and plasma spray of all types of materials. See Tungsten Carbide, Ceramic, & Plasma Spray Coating.

2000 » Addition #1 finished allowing Rol-Tec to expand urethane capabilities. Manufacturing facility now 27,500 sq feet.

1998 » Cast urethane department completely operational. This development increases Rol-Tec's product offering not only from a material perspective but also allows Rol-Tec to produce molded parts as well as rollers.

1997 » Rol-Tec builds its own 19,000 sq ft manufacturing facility on Glory Road specifically designed for rubber roller production. Begin process of building full cast urethane department.

1994 » Continued growth requires relocation to an 8,000 sq ft leased manufacturing facility on Packerland Drive. Grinding limitations increase from 120" face to 220" between centers.

1991 » The assets of the rubber covering division of Spartan Industries are purchased. Three employees and very limited equipment are the beginning. Investment in technology, steam vulcanization, customer service, and grinding capability begins to immediately improve the overall Rol-Tec product. Rol-Tec is housed in a 4,500 sq ft warehouse type facility on Market Street in Ashwaubenon.

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